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Legacy Data Solutions

Unlock the Value of Your Legacy Data

 Our customers do have challenges with their legacy data infrastrctures and legacy solutions still yet data is a goldmine waiting to be tapped into but they can’t as their legacy data and legacy solutions posing challenges. At Cimplify Data, we specialize in legacy data management & strategy around data challenges. We know how to manage legacy data yet deliver value to our customers while keeping the lights on. We specialize in data solutions around your legacy systems, boosting legacy application modernization efforts. Whether it’s legacy system replacement, maintenance, or even decommissioning, we’ve got you covered from your data challenges.

Our experts ensure seamless legacy system documentation and legacy system retirement. With a focus on data governance and compliance, your data remains secure. Experience enhanced legacy system testing, robust security, and compliance. Your legacy systems will perform with unmatched reliability, scalability, and availability. Sounds familiar, act now and unleash the potential of your data “as data is new oil” Contact us today to begin your journey towards optimized legacy systems.

Seamless Data Migration and Integration

Legacy data migration can be daunting, but not with Cimplify Data. Our legacy data migration and integration services are designed to make your transition painless. We handle everything from legacy system security and performance to scalability and reliability. We ensure seamless legacy system availability, even in the face of disaster, with our robust legacy system disaster recovery and backup solutions. Say goodbye to delays in legacy system batch jobs and optimize your online transactions.

Our expertise covers everything from Cobol programs to report generation, even modernizing outdated green screens and enhancing data entry processes. We’ve mastered file systems, data structures, and data retrieval, ensuring your data flows smoothly. Don’t let your legacy systems hold you back. Contact us today and experience the power of seamless data migration and integration.

Cost-Efficient Legacy Data Management

legacy data management can drain your budget, but not with Cimplify Data. Our cost-efficient legacy data management solutions transform your legacy systems into assets. Reduce costs while enhancing efficiency across the board.

We offer in-depth legacy system compliance, ensuring your data meets all standards. Our solutions focus on legacy system performance and streamlined testing while keeping your data secure. Say goodbye to legacy burdens and embrace a cost-efficient future. Contact us to kickstart your journey toward more intelligent, budget-friendly data management.

Master Data Management Solutions

Managing legacy data is no walk in the park, especially when dealing with disparate systems. Storing data across various platforms, including EHRs, ERPs, Legacy Data Warehouses with legacy ETLs and it’s underlying toolsand business intelligence systems, can be a cumbersome roadblock, rendering data validation and automation challenging for everyone. Legacy systems often refuse to integrate with other applications, hindering accessibility and data portability. For businesses, weaker data analysis automation efficiency inhibits business profitability prospects, preventing sustainable business growth in the long run.

Many organizations find themselves trapped, needing to retain or analyze their legacy data for predictive modelling but held back by these rigid systems. The risk of data loss and the high cost of maintaining outdated infrastructure loom ominously.

Cimplify Data, your trusted partner, provides secure cloud data management solutions to this dilemma. As a leading data extraction, migration, and archiving expert, we offer a lifeline. Say goodbye to the shackles of old servers and the risk of data loss. It’s time to retire those legacy systems, streamline your modren data strategy framework for the future, and eliminate the burdens of maintenance and training costs. With Cimplify Data, your legacy data finds a secure, accessible, and future-ready home. Our top-of-the-line robotic data centre automation solutions create a winning prospect for progressive businesses.

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